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How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry Cloud servers have transformed the way companies store data and exchange information with authorized personnel. Thanks to the infinite space cloud servers provide, many companies are trimming computer departments and IT staff, reducing overhead in the process. Cloud computing has worked hand in glove with the Internet of Things,…

Cybersecurity for Long-Term Care Providers Emergency preparedness for cyber attacks has never been more critical for healthcare providers — or more overlooked. In fact, only 22 percent of industry professionals say their healthcare organization follows the industry’s cybersecurity best practices. That means 78 percent of organizations and their employees operate without proper internal controls or…

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Senior Living Organizations Senior care organizations have unique cybersecurity needs that their outsourced IT services must meet. At a long-term care facility, every data point represents a person. When that data becomes compromised, the people you care for are at risk. Discover critical cybersecurity issues in senior care and what IT teams and organizations can…

Trends in Long-Term Care Technology Senior care providers are usually not the first to adopt new technologies, with limited resources to dedicate to integrating a new system and an intense focus on maintaining resident care. However, the modern age of technology is making it increasingly easy to incorporate new technologies into any business, including long-term care organizations….

The Future of Network Management Networks have been quickly evolving in their shape and scope for the past several years, and those changes are continuing to accelerate with the advent of new technologies. In the modern world of mobile technology, network organization and security are leagues different from what they were even a decade ago….


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