Case Study: Genacross Lutheran Services

Genacross Lutheran Services Objectives:

  • Implement a holistic, management strategy for all of Genacross’ technology resource requirements which are reliable, secure and always up-to-date with the ever-changing technology of today.

Solutions Provided:

Genacross Lutheran Services outsourced their IT management and support services to a local vendor. Their network became more unreliable as they continued to grow, their software licensing and updating was tracked using an outdated-manual method, and there were on-going concerns regarding network security.

Genacross Lutheran Services selected Prelude Services to provide their organization with a secure, reliable, and comprehensive technology management program. Because of this, Genacross is able to focus on their growing business needs.

Prelude’s IT solution ensures that each of Genacross Luthern Services’ five Senior Living communities, and 13 affordable housing properties continues to function at the highest level on a 7 x 24 x 365 basis. Prelude IT services for Genacross Luthern Services include network management, secure data hosting, application support and user training.

Genacross Lutheran Services also identified a need to easily manage census reporting. Prelude’s Enterprise Reporting (PER) consolidated all of their reporting needs in one place.

By partnering with Prelude, Genacross Lutheran Services is now able to focus their attention on their growing business. They know they have a reliable and trusted partner who will manage their IT needs and provide a high level of security for all of their critical data and information.

“Prelude has brought us into the 21st Century. Our annual technology and industry strategy sessions enable us to partner with Prelude, so we are more up-to-date and efficient in our daily operations at Genacross.” -Lorinda Schalk, VP of Finance & Accounting/CFO at  Genacross Lutheran Services


Technology has become a crucial part of the modern business experience. Without functional computers and mobile phones, many business practices would grind to a halt. Unfortunately, breakdowns and malfunctions are an inevitable part of any machine, meaning businesses do grind to a halt until the issues are fixed. In order to keep your business running, it's crucial to have access to IT support when you experience technical difficulties.

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