IT Software & Hardware Support

Our IT Software Support 

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Prelude can handle all your software needs. We can host your applications and websites on our servers as well as provide ongoing help desk support for software solutions. Our team specializes in performance optimization, and they'll ensure every application is current with the latest developer and security patches.

Since your business likely relies on several software applications, Prelude supports a multitude of programs, such as:

  • Email services
  • Security and firewall software
  • Web browsers
  • Data management and electronic filing programs
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and tax prep software
  • Proprietary software
  • Productivity software
  • Enterprise resource planning software

Our IT Hardware Support 

Finding the right equipment that reflects your needs and budget can be a challenge with all of the hardware solutions available today. At Prelude, we're focused on finding the ideal hardware solutions for your team and ensuring that all equipment runs efficiently throughout the day.

We offer vendor management to help you interact with your hardware providers, and we can leverage our existing relationships with vendors to build a beneficial relationship. Our hardware support services include:

  • Certified technician access
  • Temporary equipment for emergencies
  • Vendor management
  • Help desk support for hardware
  • Mobile device management
  • Prelude Lockbox™ security

The Benefits of Our Hardware and Software Services

Working with Prelude for hardware and software support comes with many advantages for your company. With our team, you can:

  • Stay productive: When your team confronts application or computer problems, staying productive and meeting your goals can be challenging. With Prelude experts at your side, your programs and equipment run smoothly, so your team can keep checking items off its to-do list.
  • Stick to your budget: Managing equipment costs and negotiating vendors can be intensive when you're working within a tight budget. As part of our process, we'll account for your spending limitations to give you the best possible setup at a price that works for you.
  • Support IT staff: If you already have an IT department in place, our hardware and software support frees up small maintenance tasks, so they can focus on larger initiatives. If you don't have an IT team, we can act as your single resource for technology needs.

Our software and hardware support extends to companies of all sizes and industries. Whether you're a large enterprise involved in sales or a small healthcare organization, we have your back.

Contact Prelude for Software and Hardware Support

Preludes Services is prepared to answer your call for IT support. Receive more information about our services by filling out our contact form today. If you're already a Prelude client and need hardware or software support, use our service request form or give us a call at (800)-579-1047.

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