Enterprise Reporting Services

As your business grows, you need a firm grasp on what functions work in your organization and what needs to change. Enterprise reporting gives you the power to leverage company data, so you can understand business performance and enact meaningful change. At Prelude Services, we can integrate our enterprise reporting system into your framework to empower your company’s decision makers.

What Is Enterprise Reporting?

Enterprise reporting is the process of building and distributing reports about different aspects of a business. These reports typically focus on business performance metrics like financial factors, marketing initiatives and employee productivity.

Enterprise reporting software accumulates this information and visualizes it through graphs and easy-to-read charts, so decision makers understand how their company operates and what they can do to improve performance. With the high volume of data circulating within a business, enterprise reporting introduces ease and efficiency for more informed decision making.

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Enterprise Reporting With Prelude Services

Prelude’s Enterprise Reporting (PER) system is a comprehensive reporting and dashboard tool based on a data warehouse. With several integrated data analytics tools, PER can function alongside various financial, employee and payroll software packages. Features include:

  • Census
  • Financial reporting and analytics
  • Time and attendance
  • Marketing leads
  • Dashboards
  • Payroll based journal (PBJ)

In addition to providing our enterprise reporting solution for your company, our team also acts as an ongoing resource for tech support. If you need help navigating the system, we’re here to address your questions with a 24/7 help desk. Our experts can also train your team on the system for effective integration.

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The Advantages of Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Using Prelude’s Enterprise Reporting solution can be beneficial to your company in a range of ways. You can apply our enterprise reporting solution to your business regardless of scale or industry. When you integrate PER into your existing workflow, you can:

  • Improve decision making: With user-friendly dashboards and reports, the chief decision makers in your company can build projects and initiatives with an informed approach. 
  • Enhance user experience: PER is designed with a clean and friendly user interface to improve interactions with data-based resources. The improved user experience encourages more people to use reporting tools and makes them easier to analyze when the time comes.
  • Increase productivity: Understanding process gaps and how to fix them can mean significant improvements to productivity. Managers and employees will be happy to have actionable feedback and see their progress with time. 
  • Optimize reporting: PER supports API integrations with a range of enterprise software to make your reporting practices more comprehensive. PER’s flexibility also allows you to adapt your integrations as you grow and change. Stay competitive in your industry and connect with customers, clients or patients more effectively.

Contact Prelude for an Enterprise Reporting System

At Prelude Services, we build a long-term partnership with your company to help you leverage technology and improve productivity. PER is a comprehensive solution for business development. Reach out online today to learn more. If you’re an existing Prelude client, you can call us at (800)-579-1047 or fill out a service request form.

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