Cutting Costs at Senior Care Facilities

Senior care facilities provide a much-needed service to communities across the United States. Sadly, the revenue of many senior care centers is in decline, while costs and expenses continue to climb. Implementing cost-saving cuts is an essential yet difficult task, as you need to ensure that patients and residents continue to receive the high-quality care and services they deserve. 

One area that you may identify for cost controls is your IT Department. Outsourcing IT management can mitigate IT risk for senior living and assisted living communities while also resulting in substantial monetary savings. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT to Save Money

Your organization relies on information technology to operate efficiently and provide the highest level of care to your residents. Without a strong IT department, you risk a variety of challenges and uncertainties. 

Outsourcing IT provides your senior care facility with a simple solution for controlling your operating costs. Outsourcing can also offer many other benefits for your bottom line:

  • Saves the expense of an in-house IT team: Maintaining your IT systems requires talented staff with the capabilities to keep your operations secure. However, keeping an in-house team is a costly venture. Outsourcing your IT operations and management connects you with the right-sized service at the level you need to operate your facility effectively.
  • Ensures you have the right hardware and software: Without an IT team’s expertise, you may not know which items and services you need to acquire. Outsourcing ensures you apply your budget to the hardware and software that will best serve your business needs. 
  • Access to up-to-date technology: Keeping up with continued education and the latest technologies can be expensive. Outsourcing ensures your network and system are always up to date. 
  • One less management concern: With IT management off your plate, your time and energy are freed up to focus on your primary responsibilities.
  • Mitigates IT operational risk: An IT provider can manage many of the risks associated with your IT operations, including cybersecurity and maintenance concerns. 

Outsource Your IT Management to Prelude Services 

Outsourcing your IT department’s function to Prelude Services is a strategic business decision that can help keep your senior living facility running smoothly while saving your budget. Prelude Services is a leading IT provider focused on providing outsourced IT services for senior care facilities. With a set monthly cost and no setup fees or upcharges, we provide you with quality IT services that make the most of your budget. 

We provide many innovative IT solutions and services for senior living communities, including:

  • 24×7 Service DeskOur experts provide round-the-clock support and technical expertise. 
  • Cloud computingA comprehensive and secure remote hosting server allows you to store, manage and process data. 
  • Hardware and software supportWe deliver proactive and comprehensive oversight for purchasing, installing and supporting all hardware and software needed for your facility. 
  • Network managementWe can implement, manage and upgrade your IT infrastructure to maximize your network performance.
  • Enterprise reportingOur integrated enterprise reporting solution lets you access essential data more efficiently. 

Prelude Services can help reduce IT costs to a predictable monthly expense that you would not be able to achieve on your own — and we do it while also improving the availability, performance and security of your technology.  

Contact Prelude Services to Outsource Your IT Operations and Management 

Prelude’s quality IT services are backed by years of experience, extensive training and technical resources that make us a quality IT provider for senior care facilities looking for an IT partner. Contact Prelude Services today to learn more about outsourcing your IT services.  


Technology has become a crucial part of the modern business experience. Without functional computers and mobile phones, many business practices would grind to a halt. Unfortunately, breakdowns and malfunctions are an inevitable part of any machine, meaning businesses do grind to a halt until the issues are fixed. In order to keep your business running, it's crucial to have access to IT support when you experience technical difficulties.

If you're a healthcare company, long-term care provider, or small business in need of IT support at all hours, consider Prelude Services. We're a SSAE SOC
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