Are Your IT Operations at Risk?

In today’s modern landscape, technology drives many businesses to increase digital advances and stay on the cutting edge of technological innovation. It’s no surprise that most healthcare facilities and organizations continue to incorporate new technologies into their daily operations. However, this raises one important question that must be addressed — how do these technological advances impact risk management?

Potential Risks of IT Operations to Healthcare Providers

There is more technological innovation in the healthcare industry than ever before. These advances promise to increase provider capabilities and improve quality of life for many patients. Institutions that don’t continue to evolve run the risk of falling behind their competition. Yet, with the rise of information technology come potential weaknesses. 

IT risks are the latent dangers associated with the operation, influence and adoption of any IT functions within your healthcare facility. There is risk involved in any IT operation, whether it’s your existing system or the introduction of new services. Here are just a few of the risks that IT operations may encounter if not performed correctly:

  • Internal failures to your existing IT system, resulting in disruption, delays and malfunction of vital IT operations  
  • Inability to support current or new IT operations, ultimately resulting in losses
  • Failure to follow system processes correctly, leading to disruptions to access or lack of necessary IT resources
  • Lack of expertise resulting in an inability to support users within your organization
  • Unresolved security issues putting data in your system at risk, including patient medical records and client payment information
  • Absence of access management controls allowing unauthorized users to obtain confidential information
  • Issues with compliance, especially regarding HIPAA standards

How Outsourcing IT Services Mitigates Operational Risk

For day-to-day IT operations, the assessment and management of IT risks are vital to your organization’s daily operations and overall security. The only way to mitigate operational risks is through a robust, well-structured IT risk assessment process. However, if you don’t have an IT department, you may not have the time, resources or expertise to design and implement this essential service. 

As your business manages growth and the ins and outs of the healthcare industry, effectively securing IT assets and maintaining qualified IT employees to provide risk management services can prove difficult. Outsourcing your IT operations and management to the experts at Prelude Services mitigates operational risk and secures much-needed resources for your daily operations. 

IT outsourcing is the process of leveraging an external organization’s expertise to manage all or part of your IT operations. Tasks you can outsource include technical support, networking, data center operations and cybersecurity management, to name a few, all of which help your organization mitigate the risks associated with being on the leading edge of technology within the healthcare industry. 

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Advancements in information technology have brought numerous challenges to the healthcare industry. However, current technology also has unlocked incredible outsourcing capabilities. Prelude Services is a leading IT provider focused on helping healthcare organizations like assisted living and long-term care facilities optimize their IT capabilities. 

Outsourcing your IT activities to Prelude Services can benefit your healthcare organization in a variety of ways:

  • Reduced risk: Having an experienced IT partner means that many of the risks associated with IT operations will be assumed and managed by the team at Prelude Services.
  • Controlled IT costs: Outsourcing ensures a predictable and recurring monthly IT expense that can be easily managed depending on what services you use, eliminating the substantial expense of building and retaining a reliable, highly trained in-house team. 
  • Focus on your core business: You and your personnel will benefit from increased productivity when freed up to focus on core activities rather than technical difficulties.
  • Access to better support: As your outsourcing partner, we ensure you have access to better support and the most up-to-date technologies. 
  • Effective IT strategy: We have the industry experience to take advantage of the best practices and latest trends as we position your IT infrastructure to support your business. 

Overview of Our Managed Services 

With Prelude Services, we’ll ensure you have the controls and functions in place to consistently push back operational risks and ensure your IT operations are carried out correctly. From account management to IT customer service to daily data backup, we offer a variety of innovative and secure IT solutions and services.

24×7 Service Desk

If your healthcare facility is experiencing technical difficulties, our 24×7 services ensure you get the support you need when you need it. This offering includes:

  • Centralized help desk support: Your first point of contact for all support requests. 
  • Desktop support: Technical assistance to desktop and network users who submit requests to the Help Desk. 
  • Application support: Support for over 400 applications, including clinical, financial, human resources and maintenance packages. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing services allow Prelude to assist you with everything from establishing your cloud infrastructure to storing and managing data to troubleshooting any cloud-related issues.

Hardware and Software Support

Our software support services ensure that your programs, applications and packages remain well-maintained. This service extends to email, web browsers, data management, bookkeeping and more. We can also help configure and implement your hardware and devices. 

Network Management

The IT professionals at Prelude Services can help implement, manage and upgrade your IT infrastructure to ensure your network performance is maximized, allowing your healthcare business to run as smoothly as possible. Infrastructure management includes support for your data, wireless, internet and telecommunication needs.

Enterprise Reporting

Prelude enterprise reporting is a solution that can be integrated with industry-leading clinical, payroll and financial software packages so you can access data more efficiently.

Contact Prelude Services to Outsource Your IT Operations and Management 

When you choose Prelude Services, you get the confidence of IT services backed by years of experience, extensive training and the latest technical resources. That’s what makes us a top provider for healthcare organizations looking for an IT partner to secure them against operational risks. If you would like to learn how we can protect you from at-risk IT operations, contact Prelude Services today.


Technology has become a crucial part of the modern business experience. Without functional computers and mobile phones, many business practices would grind to a halt. Unfortunately, breakdowns and malfunctions are an inevitable part of any machine, meaning businesses do grind to a halt until the issues are fixed. In order to keep your business running, it's crucial to have access to IT support when you experience technical difficulties.

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