Your Trusted Managed Service Provider

We offer services that improve productivity, enable business growth, and strengthen cybersecurity.  

Services We Offer:

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Managed Service Provider

We are a managed service provider offering full and partial IT services to healthcare, senior living, education, transportation, and many other industries.  Outsourcing your IT operations with a strong partner like Prelude reduces risk and allows you to focus on business strategy. 



Cybersecurity is a critical capability for all organizations.  We offer phishing exercises, vulnerability scanning and management, multi-factor authentication and secure access, single sign-on, cybersecurity assessments, policy guidance and incident response testing, HIPAA compliance audits, disaster recovery and business continuity, next-generation antivirus and firewall solutions, and more. 


IT Outsourcing

With Prelude IT outsourcing, you can offload all or parts of your organization's IT functions like desktop support, data center and cloud computing, help desk, network management, application support, project management, telecommunications support, and more.  We'll work with you to transform your IT services so they align with your business objectives.


24/7 Service Desk

We provide 24 x 7 x 365 help desk support for your IT problems and service requests.  Our analysts are all employed by Prelude and are able to resolve over half of the calls without needing to escalate to our second and third level support.   We provide the ability to request service via phone call, email, and a self-service portal.


Cloud Computing

Prelude offers public and private cloud computing.  We have data center facilities to host your systems that need to be on your private network, and support your applications that reside in the public cloud.  Prelude is a Microsoft Partner and has expertise in helping you optimize your investments in Microsoft's cloud services.  


Hardware & Software Support

We offer hardware and software support from networks and desktops to mobile devices and printers. Our team will help you establish hardware standards and manage technology lifecycles.  We will help you leverage your spending power to get the best prices on your hardware and software purchases.  We provide loaner devices and also help you with safe and responsible device destruction. 


Network Management

Your network is the foundation for all of your IT services, so it's critical that performance and availability are managed.  Our team will monitor and update your network equipment, ensuring a reliable infrastructure is in place for your users.  This includes installing and managing network switches, routers, firewalls, and wireless networks.


Enterprise Reporting

Prelude Enterprise Reporting (PER) is an enterprise-level reporting and analytics dashboard tool. PER helps you organize and analyze clinical, financial and payroll information and more. Learn more about how your organization can use PER with us.

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Software Development

Prelude has its own in-house software development group. Our team has designed and built complex business applications, data warehouse and analytics solutions, custom reporting, data integration, and intranet portals. We maintain industry certifications and have years of experience with providing secure software solutions to our clients. We love solving problems.

Our Mission

The rapid pace of technology advancement, coupled with staffing and cybersecurity challenges, has put tremendous stress on many organizations.  Prelude is a strategic partner you can count on to help overcome these IT challenges so you can focus on your core business competencies.

Created in partnership with Presbyterian Senior Living and Diakon Lutheran Social ministries over 20 years ago, our mission is to offer IT services that improve client productivity, enable business growth, and strengthen cybersecurity.  

We currently support over seven hundred locations in over 40 states. Our clients depend on us as a trusted and proven partner to help optimize their investments in IT. 

Reliable and Innovative IT Services

We offer the highest reliability and security while prioritizing friendly, helpful customer service. Our IT solutions are secure, our technicians are certified, and we're ready to serve your organization with affordable, reliable, and innovative services.