Managed IT Services for Education

Technology continues to gain importance in educational settings as an effective teaching and learning tool. Technology is used extensively by administrators, teachers, and students in support of school operations and learning.

This growing importance presents several challenges for schools, including maintaining professional solutions amidst budget constraints and managing more complex systems. Prelude Services offers managed IT to improve productivity while strengthening cybersecurity in schools and other educational institutions.

Our IT Services for Schools

Prelude offers various IT services to help schools with managing their infrastructure. We can customize each offering to your needs, whether you need full support or supplementary services for your in-house teams. Here’s a complete list of our capabilities:

IT Support and Cybersecurity in Education

IT support enhances the experience of teachers, students, IT staff and administrators. Using managed services often allow schools to save money on hiring internal staff to care for cybersecurity or offer network support, and IT support can increase productivity because experts can resolve computer issues quickly.
Educational institutions also face challenges with data security. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has reported an increase in attacks against K-12 educational institutions, including attacks that slow or disable computer systems, disrupt online learning, or steal sensitive data. These attacks often involve ransomware, phishing emails, and exploiting vulnerabilities in end-of-life software. Identity theft, fraud, and harassment are often the result when a data breach occurs.

Advantages of Prelude Services

We provide accessible and secure IT services to protect your staff and students while increasing productivity in educational environments. When you work with Prelude Services, you get an innovative and trustworthy partner with over two decades of experience providing IT support. A few additional benefits we offer to clients include:

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