Cloud Computing Trends in 2018

The majority of healthcare organizations rely on cloud computing to manage sensitive data. McAfee’s 2016 Cloud Research Report mentions that 96 percent of healthcare organizations use a cloud service. If you don’t already use cloud technology, you should know that your senior care organization could benefit from its rapid evolution. Learn how the latest technology and future trends in cloud computing can help your facility.

About The Cloud

Cloud computing involves handling data on a remote server instead of a local network. You can use the Internet to access your digital information from just about anywhere. Healthcare organizations use outsourced cloud technology to benefit from:

  • Reduced costs: Another company maintains the necessary hardware and servers for your data on your behalf. That way, you don’t have to pay the electric and maintenance fees associated with having the equipment.
  • Productivity: Cloud computing gives you secure access to your information from multiple devices, including phones, tablets and computers. As a result, you can get work done from anywhere with a connection to your cloud.
  • Backup and recovery: Most cloud computing providers keep their servers multiple data centers that let you back up and recover data in case of an emergency.

Trends in Cloud Computing

A few cloud computing trends have come up in 2018, including the following:

  • Organizations prefer to use multiple clouds: Instead of relying on one cloud service only, many organizations use multiple. They employ an average of five clouds. Even if you already use cloud services, you could benefit from adding another one that offers different benefits.
  • Private cloud computing became more popular this year: A private cloud service stores your information on a dedicated network that no other organization can access. Depending on the service, adoption rates increased by between three and eight percent. Private cloud computing lets healthcare services keep their data safe.
  • Most cloud services will come in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS): SaaS technology lets you subscribe to software that the company hosts. Cisco predicts that 60 percent of cloud-based workloads will handle SaaS. A SaaS company manages updates for you so that you have more time to focus on other work.

Latest Technology and Algorithms

You should know about the following technological trends as well:

  • Data encryption: Organizations like healthcare facilities have plenty of sensitive information that needs protection. Data encryption technology uses keys to transform data into a code that outside users can’t read. Cloud encryption is relatively new, but it will help your organization keep your patients’ private data safe
  • Increased data control: New data regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require businesses to manage their consumers’ data with a higher degree of care. While healthcare already has HIPAA, GDPR will likely influence the way that providers develop their cloud technologies. This change means that you’ll have access to even more secure cloud computing.
  • Machine learning: Cloud computing systems with machine learning features will recognize past data trends and make suggestions based on them. In healthcare, such capabilities could mean that cloud software will use patient records to recommend new treatment approaches. These advancements will help you save time and provide better care.

Cloud Computing From Prelude Services

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