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Email Security

Despite the growing number of digital messaging platforms in the business world, email remains the preferred form of electronic communication across most companies. While other communication formats offer fast and convenient correspondence, they fail to replace an email’s ability to manage, organize and contain essential information. Because of its global popularity, email is highly vulnerable to malicious content and cyberattacks if not protected properly.

Many businesses fail to recognize the severe consequences of a system security breach, as it only takes a single virus or phishing attack to devastate an entire organization. Establishing an effective email security campaign should be one of your highest priorities when developing a protection strategy for your company's most sensitive and critical information.

Our Email Protection Services

At Prelude Services, our primary goal is to help you improve data security and the quality of your products and services. Our email security package is one example of how we can protect your company's network from outside attacks. Examples of what we provide with our services include:

  • Malware and spam filters: We use some of the industry's most advanced and trusted tools to protect against malware and block spam messages from entering your system.
  • Phishing attack protection: Our technology helps identify and prevent phishing emails from slipping into your email stream.
  • Anti-virus protection: Prelude offers anti-virus packages designed to quickly and effectively remove harmful viruses from your individual computers and network.
  • Image and content control: Image and content management monitors potentially malicious emails containing damaging, threatening or offensive information.
  • Data encryption: Encryption is an authentication process that prevents an unauthorized individual from accessing a private email by scrambling and disguising the original message.
  • Whitelisting, blacklisting and greylisting: We can help you create lists of specific content types you want to avoid and develop the tools to block them.
  • 24/7 email security support: Prelude offers world-class dedicated service and support around the clock to help your organization stay on top of your system security measures and address your needs.

Email Security Best Practices for Businesses

In addition to implementing email security support from a trusted service supplier, you can incorporate additional practices to help secure your information and minimize the chances of cyber attacks. Several practical examples include:

  • Monitor your email habits: Keeping track of how you use your email is vital for protecting your electronic devices and your entire company network. Knowing the exact types of newsletters and other subscriptions you receive from outside your organization can go a long way in optimizing your protection.
  • Use strong passwords: While many users frequently use passwords with easy-to-remember character sequences, they're often the most vulnerable. The best way to construct a password is to avoid phrases, birthdays and other personal information. A consistent mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters offers the best protection.
  • Avoid distributing your email address: Not everyone needs to know your business email. Many websites ask for your email addresses for marketing purposes, and keeping your email private prevents mass distribution. You should use your professional email address only for correspondence with coworkers and select clients.

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