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National Church Residences

Case Study by Prelude Services

National Church Residences Objectives:

  • Outsource IT systems and services in order to be able to focus on business needs and day-to-day services for the organization.
  • Obtain a simplified solution for their financial and clinical reporting needs.

Solutions Provided:

National Church Residences is the nation’s largest, not-for-profit provider of senior health care, housing, and services for over 340 communities throughout the United States. In 2012, they realized the need to partially outsource their IT healthcare services in order to keep up with the demand of their growing business. Partially outsourcing continued to be problematic. In 2014 the Vice President of IT decided that the best solution would be to outsource all of their IT needs to Prelude Services

One of Prelude’s first priorities was to give National Church Residences the opportunity to be able to focus their efforts on their growing business without having the time constraints of managing their own IT systems. Prelude assumed the responsibility for managing all of their IT services, which included networking, software, hardware, data security, and hosting.

Prelude identified and prioritized projects in order to bring National Church Residences to a reliable and secure level of functionality. We upgraded their network equipment, server technology, and migrated all of their applications and data to our compliant and highly secure data centers.

National Church also realized the value and benefits of our unique Prelude Enterprise Reporting (PER) and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) solutions. They have started to use these applications for many of their financial and clinical reporting needs. They have been able to minimize their manual efforts by consolidating their clinical, financial, and employee data into our simple application solutions.

As a result of the many improvements implemented in our partnership, National Church Residences is well-positioned for the future of healthcare, and focusing on their growing organization.

"In working with Prelude, whose core competency is IT services for senior living, we’re provided with the tactical and strategic services required for our business. So we’re confident that Prelude can help us get to where we need to be." -Mark Ricketts, President and CEO of National Church Residences


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