Our PBJ Solution

Payroll Based Journal (PBJ)

In long-term care facilities, management teams confront a range of compliance requirements. The PBJ solution from Prelude Services allows these healthcare organizations to maintain regulatory practices and stay compliant for the long term.

What Is a Payroll Based Journal?

Payroll based journal reporting is a system developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This reporting system regulates direct care staffing and census information in long-term care facilities to simplify the analysis of staffing patterns and updating of the CMS Nursing Home Compare website.

Payroll Based Journal Services From Prelude

Managing staffing and census information can be challenging without a designated system, but Prelude has a solution that streamlines the process for ease and compliance. Our data management solution is based on our trusted enterprise reporting solution, and it supports multiple data imports to minimize manual data entry.

The system works through four key functions:

  • Import: The PBJ system imports data from multiple sources — like employee records and time and attendance records — and combines them on a single platform. Gain quick access to employee, hours and census information in seconds.
  • Create: Build submission data sets for reporting requirements by setting a specific date range or pay period. The system will access all imported data and generate a report based on your query.
  • Review: The integrated validation feature checks your created data set against CMS rules and specifications. If anything needs to be revised, you can do so before committing to a final report.
  • Generate: Produce the XML file of your data set for submission to the CMS. All of your submitted files and associated data will be archived in PBJ for access if needed, and you can generate analytics based on these submission files.
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Prelude's PBJ solution is a comprehensive approach to CMS reporting, plus you gain access to our expert team. We provide training for our PBJ platform, and our 24/7 support makes us available whenever you need our assistance.

The Benefits of Our Payroll Based Journal Solution

When you introduce our PBJ solution, you can experience:

  • Increased efficiency: In long-term care facilities, effectively allocating staffing resources is essential. Rather than dedicating staff to manual data entry, PBJ allows you to direct your resources to more critical tasks.
  • Improved user experience: Manual data entry can be taxing and time-consuming for staff. With the data import function on our PBJ solution, your team can enjoy an enhanced user experience that saves time for other tasks.
  • Greater peace of mind: When you run a long-term care facility, CMS reporting requirements can be challenging. Through Prelude's PBJ solution, you can trust you're delivering accurate data under industry specifications and rules.

Work With Prelude for Payroll Based Journal Reporting

At Prelude Services, we provide companies with the technology tools they need to succeed. Our team partners with you to deliver comprehensive solutions that address your operational requirements. If you run a long-term care facility, our PBJ solution is an excellent route for your organization.

You can learn more about our services by contacting us online. If you're an existing Prelude client, you can call us at (800)-579-1047 or complete a service request form.

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