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How to Protect Healthcare Data From Phishing

Learn how to protect healthcare data from phishing. Explore our expert strategies to protect your patient and organization data against phishing attacks.

What Is an IT Support Business?

What Is an IT Support Business? Did you know that over 90% of companies outsource IT services? Choosing an IT support business is one of the most crucial business decisions you can make. With the complexity today’s technology brings, it’s best to call in specialists when experiencing IT issues — rather than someone who’s simply…

How to Defend Against Smishing Attacks

How to Defend Against Smishing Attacks Healthcare data has significant value for hackers, and older adult care is one of the most targeted industries. Hackers use personal data to access patient healthcare information, create false identities, commit insurance fraud or obtain free medical treatment.  Knowing how to prevent smishing attacks is crucial to protect patients and…

IT Services for Post-Acute Care

Enterprise Reporting vs. Business Intelligence Your organization has many tools available to help it make decisions about its future, using data from the past and present. Enterprise reporting creates reports about specific business metrics, while business intelligence uses data to provide you with insights about your company’s potential future. The two terms are sometimes used…

Guide to Cloud Security

Guide to Cloud Security Understanding cloud security can help your nursing home or senior living center keep sensitive data protected. Many facilities with residents and patients handle sensitive information, including medical records, prescriptions and medical histories, making proper cybersecurity essential. Explore what cloud security is, the risks of transferring data to the cloud and why you…

Service Desk Versus Help Desk

Service Desk vs. Help Desk Understanding the difference between a service desk and a help desk can help your nursing home or senior living center find better ways to support customers and clients. Whether you want to provide support with IT issues or fix an immediate problem for a client, reaching out to customers effectively…

How to Protect Health Information in a Senior Living Center

How to Protect Health Information in a Senior Living Center Senior living centers must protect information regarding patients’ medical records, prescriptions, diagnoses and medical history. Most of this information is private and sensitive, making it essential to protect it from potential hackers or cyberattacks.  Learning about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), its…


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