The Future of Network Management

Networks have been quickly evolving in their shape and scope for the past several years, and those changes are continuing to accelerate with the advent of new technologies. In the modern world of mobile technology, network organization and security are leagues different from what they were even a decade ago. To help businesses prepare for the future of network security and identify the potential direction network technology is taking, Prelude has identified trends in network security methods and organization, so enterprises can start taking steps to prepare for the future these technologies will bring.

  • End of Wireless Network Controllers: Controllers evolved as a way to consolidate the functions of wireless network management into a single network management tool. However, they are quickly becoming obsolete, due to their relatively high parts costs and their largely unnecessary  function. As networks increasingly focus on simplicity and streamlining, such accessories will no longer be needed. The obsolescence of such items means organizations need to prepare and make the change to pertinent technologies as soon as possible.
  • Expanded Ethernet Switches: Switches will remain within network organizations, as they provide power and connection at access points, but they will expand in per-port speed. Currently, the standard per-port speed is around 2.5 GBPS, but there is a push to deploy 10 GBPS ports as standard, supported by fiber or hybrid fiber-copper cable. Though the parts to accomplish this will be expensive, functionality and speed will improve significantly with such changes, making them valuable for businesses to implement.
  • Cloud-Based Everything: Virtualization and software-defined networking is a huge part of modern IT network management, and this push will continue well into the future. Cloud-based network management software allows companies to reliably manage their networks from anywhere, and also makes it possible for network management to be adeptly handled by third-party providers rather than network users. With this technology, network management service providers will become more common, allowing businesses to cut network management costs significantly while still ensuring high performance.
  • Uptime and Transfer Rates: As companies and their customers become increasingly dependent on data and connectivity, the threat of downtime will increase. Minutes of downtime and slow transfer rates will quickly turn customers off, so ensuring 100 percent uptime will continue to be an essential consideration in network monitoring in the future. Proper management and network security methods will be essential for ensuring this.

The Bottom Line for Businesses

Businesses can expect IT network management and organization in the future to become more advanced, while also becoming simpler. The technology will expand and become more complex, but network management for the user will be easy, with self-configuring networks and network management as a service. These benefits will be particularly helpful for the long-term care and senior living markets, which need to ensure excellent speed of service for their customers while keeping health care costs down. To experience these benefits, however, businesses need to recognize and make the changes necessary to remain up to date. While it may mean increased costs in the short term, it will mean extensive savings and simplicity in the long term.

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