Why Health Care Needs the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the face of technology today, and the health care industry is no exception. IoT fundamentally changes how people, apps and devices interact with each other, especially as they provide health care solutions to patients. Essentially, Internet of Things means devices are more connected and share more information. This delivers unique advantages to the health care industry, which we have outlined in detail here.

  • Decreased Costs: Connectivity allows health care providers to monitor their patients more effectively and on a real-time basis. Instead of sending doctors or nurses to check in on patient vitals, these numbers can be automatically shared within the network and communicated to the provider, allowing them to stay on top of patient conditions without dedicating labor. Not only does this save on labor costs, but it improves care, reduces patient readmissions, and decreases future expenditures.
  • Improved Outcomes: Through virtual infrastructure, caregivers can access real-time information about patients, enabling them to make informed decisions about the immediate condition of their patient and offer more responsive, evidence-based treatment options. This means patient care is more timely and responsive, managing diseases before they get out of hand and improving patient outcomes.
  • Reduced Errors: Errors can be life-threatening, and the IoT in health care can help reduce them. With real-time, accurate data automatically uploaded to the local network, rather than relying on error-prone human input, health care facilities can instead rely on data coming directly from equipment. Additionally, interconnected systems help reduce double-entry in back-office operations, reducing the potential for human error.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: IoT health care devices allow long-term care facilities to focus on patient needs rather than back-office tasks and communication. With real-time data, health care providers can be more proactive and accurate, intervening at the right time with treatments that are better informed. This improves patient outcomes and patient experiences so they place more trust in your facility.
  • More Potential Data Sources: The IoT applies to many products, some of which are not in use in all health care facilities. For example, wearable devices have become employed in a number of health care facilities to help track the heart rate and activity of patients, and this can be a huge resource for long-term care facilities that focus on these outcomes.

Additionally, the use of such devices can be extremely useful in home care applications. In short, the IoT has numerous applications in health care, and the benefits of IoT in health care facilities like long-term care are extensive, stretching from back-office functions to patient care. With time, we can expect to see successful health care facilities make use of IoT in their patient care.

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