Benefits of 24/7 Service Desks for Senior Living Communities

Benefits of 24/7 Service Desks for Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities use a wide range of technologies throughout daily procedures. From digital records and recorded voice alerts to motion sensors and security alarms, many forms of technology are used by residents and employees alike. These tools help with residents’ health and safety.

It’s crucial for these technologies to remain online. Without them, residents might not receive the care they need. One way to ensure your technical tools stay protected is with a 24/7 IT service desk. These services offer support for various technologies at any time of day, allowing you to solve issues before they become significant. Whether you need help recovering a lost file or have a question about security protocols, a 24/7 service desk can help.

Discover more benefits of 24/7 service desks for senior living communities.

What Are 24/7 IT Service Desks?

A 24/7 service desk provides a source of ongoing technical support for companies and organizations. This customer service strategy is available during all hours of the day so customers, residents and other patrons can get support whenever they need it. 

Providers might offer 24/7 support through tools like:

  • Live phone calls: Most service desks employ IT-certified technicians who have been trained in particular software, hardware or web-based applications. These technicians can respond directly to phone calls from users. Then, they can diagnose and resolve the problem over the phone. If the technician cannot solve the issue, they can escalate it to more senior officials.
  • Online submissions: Another form of IT 24/7 support is through online submissions, sometimes called “tickets.” Users can submit questions or concerns through an online form, and technicians respond in writing instead of over the phone. These forms are often intended for issues of lower priority rather than emergencies.
  • Online knowledge bases: Many services make knowledge bases available for 24/7 access. These interfaces often contain frequently asked questions, instructions for basic setup, common troubleshooting answers and other useful information. Users can access these bases at all times, allowing them to resolve their problems on their own.

For senior living communities, a 24/7 help desk can assist with the various forms of technology used in the center. For instance, administrators might call or submit a question about record-processing software. With 24/7 support, you can solve technical problems no matter what time they occur.

4 Benefits of a 24/7 Service Desk for Senior Living Communities

4 Benefits of a 24/7 Service Desk for Senior Living Communities

Investing in a 24/7 IT service desk can bring many benefits to senior living communities. Here are four examples:

1. Enhanced Safety

The safety of senior residents in living communities is a top priority. Various forms of technology, from security systems to electric wheelchairs, keep residents safe during their stay. Many senior residents rely on technology for their care, making the tools crucial for their well-being.

With a 24/7 IT service desk, you can access support for your community’s technology at all times. With immediate support, you can diagnose technology issues right away. In turn, your community can continue to provide the highest support possible.

For instance, many senior living communities use online software to manage health records and emergency contact information. If a technical malfunction blocked your access to these records, employees would be unable to use them for residents. You could call the 24/7 IT help desk, and they could help you get your files back online. In turn, you can keep your residents safe. 

2. Resident-Centered Approach

As mentioned, technology is a crucial component of senior living communities. By committing to an IT service support line, you can ensure these vital tools stay online and in the best shape possible. You invest in the residents’ well-being and make sure their security remains the highest priority.

From older adult care facilities to hospitals, most healthcare practices use digital solutions to store sensitive data. While these solutions are convenient and streamlined, they also present the threat of cyber attacks. Data breaches at your senior living facility could be extremely harmful, because attackers could gain access to medical records, financial information or other vital documents.

By investing in a 24/7 IT support service, you can add more protection against attacks. You can call the support line if you notice any suspicious activity, preventing large-scale cyber attacks. Many IT support technicians can also help with disaster recovery. In this service, your IT support will help you recover lost files or retrieve other stolen information. 

Overall, the enhanced security of 24/7 IT services helps you focus on residents, from protecting their information to providing the best care possible.

3. Increased Efficiency

Another benefit of a 24/7 security desk is enhanced efficiency. IT support can help you keep your devices and software online. With their help, you can reduce downtime and move through daily tasks more efficiently. You can provide high-quality care to residents without delays due to malfunctioning technology.

For instance, a facility might rely on digital records to know what medications each resident uses each day. If their software was delayed and employees couldn’t access these records, they wouldn’t be able to complete this procedure. With a 24/7 support line, IT service professionals could resolve the issue and allow residents to receive care more quickly.

4. Analyze Responses

You can also use your IT services to analyze your current technology systems. You might notice that you have to call about a particular service more commonly than others. If you realize an application or piece of equipment constantly needs assistance, it might be time to replace or upgrade it. Your IT services can suggest alternatives or help diagnose a larger problem that might need to be addressed. 

Making any suggested updates, repairs or replacements can help your facility’s systems avoid downtime and service delays. IT professionals who have experience with senior living communities can make suggestions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Prelude Services for 24/7 IT Support

Contact Prelude Services for 24/7 IT Support

A 24/7 service desk for senior living communities can solve many technical issues. At Prelude Services, we understand the importance of reliable technology in your practice.

Our 24/7 IT support service can help your senior living community stay secure and efficient. We can help with hardware issues, software problems, potential cyber attacks and other technical problems that arise. Our expert technicians provide high-quality advice that resolves your issues quickly. Prelude Services can help senior living communities of all sizes and needs.

To get started with Prelude Services, contact us today.


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