Welcome to the Prelude Team!

We look forward to working with you as you begin a new stage in your career. Our goal is to improve our clients’ business with innovative technology. Our people are our most powerful resource utilized to achieve that goal. The foundation of our organization is made of specialists who are customer service driven, responsive and provide industry insight to our clients. These qualities combined with our values enable us to be successful in the marketplace and continue to grow as a company.

We strive to provide a work environment that fosters creativity to meet the unique needs of our clients. Additionally, we provide the necessary training and personal attention to employees to assist them in reaching their full potential. At the same time, Prelude encourages each employee to take responsibility for personal and career growth and development.

What's Inside:
  • Core Values
  • Overview of our Services
  • Organizational Chart
  • Corporate Office Map
  • Payroll Schedule
  • Benefits Information
  • 401K
  • Employee Handbook
  • Paylocity (HRIS)
  • Certify Expense Reporting
  • Safety Information
  • HIPAA Compliance
What You Need to Know:
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Respect IconRESPECT for others


  • Honor others' time and needs
  • Avoid degrading others verbally
  • Address disagreements constructively
  • Give others' ideas a fair hearing
  • Avoid pre-judging customers' needs; listen and seek to understand
  • Pay attention
  • Exhibit tolerance for others' viewpoints
  • Practice patience with others - co-workers and customers

Judgement IconSound JUDGEMENT


  • Balance clients' and Prelude's needs
  • Avoid jeopardizing Prelude's financial health
  • Conserve Prelude's resources, i.e. good stewardship
  • Assess client needs fully, then apply a solution that meets those needs within the terms of our service agreements
  • Make an effort to understand the financial basics of Prelude's services (costs, margins, billing rates)
  • Follow escalation procedures

Innovativeness IconINNOVATIVENESS


  • Introduce new technology to customers
  • Make suggestions to improve business processes
  • Make suggestions to improve Prelude's customer service
  • Practice fresh thinking; "outside the box"
  • Make an effort to understand the financial basics of Prelude's services (cost, margins, billing rates)
  • Contribute ideas for making Prelude a more enjoyable workplace

Responsibility IconPersonal RESPONSIBILITY


  • Understand and fulfill your job responsibilities
  • Follow through on customer requests to the end (internal or end-user)
  • Take "ownership" for resolving problems
  • Take personal initiative for your personal / professional development
  • Take responsibility for sharing suggestions and concerns with managers (vs. just complaining)
  • Take initiative to suggest service or company improvements
  • Speak up on behalf of clients' needs
  • Co-operate with co-workers
  • Respond to customer requests in a timely manner

Communication IconOpen and Honest COMMUNICATION


  • Share client/company information with each other (up, down, sideways)
  • Practice complete honesty internally about company matters, even "bad news"
  • Tell customers what we can and cannot provide for them
  • Represent Prelude honestly to clients, vendors, others
  • Understand what's appropriate to share with customers