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Outsourcing Information Systems 

Statistics show that the top issues businesses face today are managing growth, ensuring cyber security and finding qualified IT employees. And though it might not seem apparent, these three challenges are often interrelated. The healthcare sector is set to expand significantly over the next decades, and organizations are relying more and more on technology to operate efficiently. As a result, it’s critical to have qualified and experienced IT personnel who can manage your growing network and ensure it’s protected against cyber threats.

Fortunately, outsourcing your IT management function to Prelude Services is a strategic business decision that can help keep your network running smoothly and securely.



Count on Prelude for Cost-Effective Outsourced IT Management Solutions

As one of the leading IT management companies in PA, Prelude’s outsourcing services offer your business a way to control operating costs. The reason for this is because you won’t need to expand your workforce with one or more in-house IT professionals, who are currently in high demand and command high salaries. Instead, you simply enter into the service level agreement that works for your organization’s needs and budget.

Outsourcing also provides you with access to qualified technical resources that are costly and difficult to find. Usually, an in-house IT team relies on the organization to provide continued education. For many healthcare organizations, other issues can understandably take priority. Unfortunately, this can mean their networks and systems don’t benefit from the latest IT developments, which can be critical when it comes to efficiency and security.

By outsourcing your IT management to Prelude Services, you can rest assured the team managing your network and system is always up to date on the very latest technologies, software and hardware — and that they will leverage their expertise to keep your network and systems secure and operating correctly.

Moreover, outsourcing allows you to improve your focus by having one less management concern. When you entrust us with IT management for your medical records, system and network, we assume all responsibility for our services. That way, your time and energy are freed up to focus on your primary responsibilities.



IT Management Services

Prelude’s outsourcing services include the management and support of an organization’s IT function, requiring no internal support staff at the organization itself. Our highly trained and experienced IT professionals handle everything having to do with your network and systems, ensuring you never have to worry about acquiring in-house IT personnel. This solution is best suited to organizations that need comprehensive, hands-on IT management services in PA.


Remote IT Management Support

We also offer a remote service option where our knowledgeable Prelude technicians are still responsible for managing IT infrastructure, but local desktop staff supports hardware and software installed in your facilities. This service option is better suited to organizations that have a capable IT staff but need additional, expert support when it comes to management, or for organizations whose IT departments are too small to handle all of their IT needs.

With both forms of outsourcing services, Prelude provides all server hardware and software, which are located in our data centers.

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