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Statistics show that the top issues businesses face today are cyber security, managing growth, and finding qualified employees. Outsourcing IT is a strategic business decision that can help. Prelude’s outsourcing services offer your business a way to control operating costs, improve your focus by having one less management concern, and provide access to qualified technical resources that are costly and difficult to find.

Prelude’s outsourcing services include the management and support of an organization’s IT function, requiring no internal support staff.

We also offer a remote service option where Prelude is still responsible for managing IT infrastructure but local desktop staff supports hardware and software installed in your facilities.

With both outsourcing services, Prelude provides all server hardware and software located in our Data Centers.

  • IT management
  • Strategic IT planning
  • Technology support
  • System administration
  • Network management
  • Desktop and device support
  • Software and data management
  • HIPAA IT risk assessment and security management services
  • Enterprise reporting and dashboards
  • Mobile device management
  • Website design and development