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Prelude Services' network management service offers your healthcare organization the IT networking solutions it needs to succeed in the modern healthcare world. We provide the skilled technical resources and tools to implement, manage and monitor the IT network your healthcare business relies on every day.

We have the technology and experience required to support your data, wireless, voice, video, internet needs and more, so you can continue providing quality service to your patients.

What Is Healthcare Network Management?



IT network management is the process of managing and monitoring the computer networks a business uses. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, networks are constantly becoming more complex — and more critical to an organization’s operations. Many networks utilize technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), as well as remote access, APIs and server load balancing, amongst others.

Yet regardless of how complex a network is, you simply can’t afford to let its security be compromised. When you consider that according to Forbes, an hour of downtime cost organizations $100,000 in 2017, it’s clear that having a robust network with sufficient support and backup is critical to maintaining smooth operations.

Network management services can be performed either onsite or remotely. This process includes configuring networks, monitoring and adjusting their performance, analyzing the networks for vulnerabilities and potential security openings, and maintaining network security with backup systems, authentication measures and antivirus protection.

Healthcare network management is especially crucial for businesses handling large quantities of data, like healthcare organizations. This data needs to be protected and managed with great care to maintain the privacy of the organization's clients or patients.

Data breaches can have far-reaching effects. Besides the inevitable loss of consumer confidence an organization experiences, a data breach is expensive. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average total cost is $3.86 million, while the average cost per stolen or lost record is $148. Clearly, it’s essential to have adequate measures in place to protect sensitive data.

In general, network management solutions need to be capable of four key tasks:

  • Performance Management: Maintaining and updating the software either automatically or manually to ensure the consistent performance of the network
  • Fault Identification: Identifying and troubleshooting anomalies before they become a problem and hinder the end user’s ability to smoothly complete tasks or workflows
  • Network Provisioning: Analyzing the current load the network handles, calculating future demand and reserving resources that can be deployed as needed
  • Maintaining Quality of Service: Ensuring that the service level delivered by the provider is of a consistently high quality

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Long Term Care Management Services

Network management is one of the essential services Prelude Services offers, helping organizations set up and protect their IT network for their electronic health records, ensuring HIPAA compliance while also ensuring the security of patient data. Some of the services we provide as part of our IT network management solution include:

  • Management Tools that monitor usage trends in the network and alert our managers when it’s time to upgrade, helping your organization maintain peak performance and security with appropriate IT networking solutions for your usage.
  • Security Alerts that detect when malicious software has entered the network, notifying our managers so that we can implement the proper controls to nullify the problem and prevent damage or data loss.
  • Design Tools to plan for network infrastructure upgrades and wireless expansion, allowing your business to reach the size and capabilities you need for optimal operation.
  • Network Backup and failover capabilities protect your IT network for health records from losing data in the event of a disaster, ensuring that your organization protects and retains its critical data.
  • Internet Monitoring for blocking malicious software from entering the network from online sources, preventing it from negatively affecting your network or demanding attention from network managers​​

Prelude Services supports hundreds of senior living, long-term care, affordable housing, community service and other healthcare industry locations across the United States with these network managing services. Our IT networking for the healthcare industry has allowed hundreds of businesses greater security and functionality in their networks, enhancing their ability to serve the communities that need them. If you need IT networking software and services, Prelude Services is here to help.



Benefits of Data Network Management Services From Prelude



When you choose network management services from Prelude, you enjoy many benefits.

Our highly trained and experienced IT professionals put their extensive knowledge to use to implement, manage and upgrade your IT infrastructure. This ensures your network performance is maximized, so your business can run smoothly. It also ensures consistency of network availability, so you never have to deal with sluggish or slow applications again. Whether you want to utilize your existing hardware or install completely new equipment, with our expertise, you can rest assured your investment will be put to good use.

In addition, you don’t have to hire, train or retain more IT staff to manage your network — all activities that could divert time and money away from your core business. Our team leverages all of your allocated resources to ensure the reliability, consistency and security of your network. That way, you enjoy the maximum amount of uptime and the least possible amount of downtime.

Finally, at Prelude, we always deliver services that are in compliance with SSAE Service Organization Control 2 — or SOC 2. You can trust us to ensure your network is secure and available, so your data is accessible and safe — regardless of whether you’re storing it or transmitting it. In short, you can rely on us to provide you with top-quality network management services at all times.


IT Network Services

Prelude Services is a quality healthcare IT network business that provides long term care technology tailored to the needs of senior living and long-term care organizations. Our founders, who are senior living providers themselves, established Prelude in response to the healthcare industry's increasing demand for IT services in the face of new technology, stringent HIPAA regulations and lack of funding, especially in the long-term care and senior living markets.

Prelude Services was created with a specific goal in mind — to provide accessible and secure IT software to healthcare organizations so that they can maintain security and quality service for their patients. Working in partnership with Presbyterian Senior Living and Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, our founders created Prelude as a company whose mission was to accomplish this goal by offering quality IT services to senior living and care organizations.

Today, Prelude Services supports over seven hundred senior living, long-term care, affordable housing and community service locations in total, spanning over forty states. We continue to work toward the goals our founders set for Prelude, providing valuable IT solutions to our clients and proving ourselves as trusted partners in their organizations. Contact us to get the same level of healthcare IT networking for your organization.

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