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Cloud-based software applications have seen steady growth over the past few years and will continue to grow. Connectivity to the cloud is no longer an option for businesses - it's a requirement.The cloud creates a new set of challenges for IT organizations. Fast and reliable connections to the cloud, redundant connections that switch automatically when one fails, and secure connections are essential capabilities for your business to work effectively in the cloud.

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Before determining whether cloud computing solutions are right for you, you need to have a basic understanding of what cloud computing is. At its most fundamental, cloud computing involves storing, managing, processing and communicating data on one or more remote servers as opposed to on a local network.

Cloud computing services are usually provided to businesses by specific cloud providers. These providers have the hardware and infrastructure needed to store, manage, transmit and process data in a remote location — one that’s not onsite with the businesses purchasing the service. In other words, they function in the cloud. When you purchase cloud computing services, you access this cloud using your internet connection. That means it becomes easier to ensure your employees have anywhere, anytime access to your network, so they can work remotely.

You probably use cloud computing without even knowing it. For example, if you perform a Google search, your search query is transmitted to Google’s remote computers, where it’s processed, and search results are sent back to your device.

Similarly, if you use Gmail, the emails aren’t stored on your computer — they’re stored in Google’s cloud. Google Docs and Google Sheets, as well as the other Google apps, are also examples of cloud applications.

As a more obvious example, consider SoundCloud, where musicians upload their tracks to SoundCloud’s computers, and you can stream them whenever you like. However, the tracks aren’t stored on your device at all.

Cloud computing offers several important advantages for all types of healthcare organizations.  It helps you keep your IT costs relatively low since the service provider covers the required hardware and software, as well as the associated maintenance and energy costs. It unburdens your IT department so they can focus on core activities, and it allows you to easily and quickly scale up your operations as needed. In addition, top-quality cloud service providers ensure their systems perform quickly and efficiently — plus, they provide the latest in cybersecurity measures.

However, when compared to local networks, the cloud creates a new set of challenges for IT organizations. They need lightning-fast Internet access at all times, as well as well-designed, secure cloud infrastructures that allow for efficient data transmission, processing and storage. They also need professionals who have an in-depth understanding of cloud computing to manage these networks and keep them secure 24/7.



The Convenience of Cloud Computing and Applications

There’s another significant advantage to cloud computing — you no longer have to purchase full packages of software and install them on your computer systems anymore. That’s because thanks to cloud computing, software development increasingly focuses on software as a service (SaaS).

Instead of developing software programs — and their upgrades — and selling them as CD-ROMs that you use to install the application on your computers, software companies now frequently host their applications on platforms in the cloud. You can purchase a subscription that you pay on a monthly basis — per seat or per package type — and simply use the program in the cloud. All you need is an internet connection.

Because the application lives in the cloud and not on your system, your computers aren’t as burdened as they used to be with traditional software packages. That means they often run faster and more efficiently. In addition, since the software developers typically push patches and upgrades through automatically, you never have to experience downtime due to bringing your programs up to date. And because your data is stored and managed in the cloud, the applications provide top-of-the-line security to protect it.

When you use SaaS, you also enjoy the significant advantage that the applications can be accessed from anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection. That means your staff can be mobile if needed.

For example, a healthcare professional can take a tablet with him or her when visiting patients in their rooms, so there’s no need to carry hard copy files. Or, if you have flexible work arrangements and allow staff to work from home, they can access your applications remotely. Since the cloud updates files in real time, you can rest assured your staff has the most up to date information at their fingertips.

Cloud Computing Support For As Long You Need It

Just like it’s your choice to migrate your system to the cloud, it’s also your choice how long you keep your data and applications there. If you choose to bring any application back on-premise, the data is yours and you are able to bring it back.

How Our IT Cloud Services Can Help Your Long Term Care Organization 

A robust infrastructure, fast and reliable connections to the cloud, redundant connections that switch automatically when one fails and smooth, secure connections within the cloud are essential capabilities for your business to work efficiently in the cloud. Moreover, if your organization is growing, you need a scalable cloud environment that will be able to store and process more data.

However, ensuring your in-house IT department has the knowledge to manage a cloud environment can be costly. At the same time, it can also be challenging for your IT staff to stay abreast of new technological developments in this space.

That’s why Prelude Services provides long-term healthcare providers with the very best in IT cloud services for the healthcare industry. Instead of having to rely on your own IT personnel to navigate the challenges of the cloud, you can count on us to provide expert technicians to troubleshoot any IT infrastructure management issues such as failing connections or slow connectivity within the cloud.

When you rely on us for your cloud technology services, we provide not just the expertise, but also all the hardware and software necessary for the cloud infrastructure. All upgrades and replacements are included at no additional cost, so there’s no impact on your IT budget. Also, we also provide expert support in the event of hardware failure. This minimizes the amount of time you network is offline and maximizes uptime.



Electronic Records Secure With Your Own Private Cloud



Clouds can be public or private. The public cloud is defined as an environment where server space is purchased and shared with a number of other clients. A private cloud is a dedicated solution where the server space is only used for one single client. Security for a private cloud involves restricting access to authorized users only.

When it comes to an IT cloud for medical information, a private cloud is preferable, as it’s more secure than the public cloud. With Prelude Cloud Computing services, you have your own private cloud, which significantly enhances security and facilitates HIPAA compliance.

Our private cloud computing solution offers dedicated hardware, storage and networking to a single client — as well as the required support to manage the infrastructure and keep it running smoothly.

At Prelude Services, it’s our mission to provide healthcare organizations with trustworthy, secure and compliant IT services. Cloud computing solutions have healthcare services much to offer regarding connectivity, efficiency, speed and compliance — and many organizations find them preferable to local networks.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how Prelude’s Cloud Computing services can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always happy to talk about how we can be of assistance with everything from establishing your cloud infrastructure to troubleshooting any cloud-related issues. Contact us for more information

Our cloud computing and cloud storage is HIPAA compliant!

  • Support for hardware failure
  • Highly-skilled technical staff to support IT infrastructure management issues

  • Zero budget impacts when needing to replace or upgrade a server

  • Highly secure and HIPAA-compliant environment, including disaster recovery

In addition, our cloud computing services are always in compliance with SSAE SOC 2. That means you can rely on us to safeguard your network and data. This enables you to access, store, manage and transmit data without having to worry about security or downtime issues. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible cloud computing services — 24/7.

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Information As A Service

Information as a Service in cloud computing is a highly effective approach that’s built around the concept that data is distinct from the processes that use the data. It helps control costs and maximizes the speed and efficiency that processes can be completed with.

Using service-oriented architecture (SOA), Information as a Service delivers an integrated view of high-quality data in real-time. For example, information about a product, customer or another business element can be provided in a range of formats, including files, SQL tables or XML.

At Prelude, our expert technicians can support you in developing an SOA geared toward Information as a Service. This involves creating effective content management and business intelligence tools, as well as secure database services and effective data integration processes.

There are several distinct benefits to using Information as a Service in cloud computing. It releases data from siloed data sources, which results in lower infrastructure migration costs. Because it facilitates audits for compliance initiatives, it results in reduced risk. It also expedites master information management due to the creation of records with joint metadata. Furthermore, it ensures critical business data is packaged and managed in a consistent manner. As a result, it enhances the organization’s agility and productivity.

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