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About Us

Our Purpose

Prelude Services offers innovative, secure IT solutions to the healthcare industry, helping healthcare organizations improve their data security and quality of service.

Prelude Services is a healthcare IT support service, providing innovative information technologies specifically tailored to the needs of senior living and care organizations. Our founders established Prelude in response to the healthcare industry's demand for IT services, especially those healthcare markets explicitly related to long-term care and senior living. The sheer advancement of technology, coupled with the ever-increasing regulations of HIPAA, has put tremendous stress on this already understaffed and often underfunded healthcare industry in the past decade, but Prelude can help alleviate some of this stress.

Prelude Services offers healthcare IT solutions to help the senior living and long-term care facilities of the U.S. navigate the new world of healthcare IT. Our goal is to assist these organizations in improving their data security and functionality so that they can provide quality service to their patients while keeping their personal data secure.

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Our Services

Prelude Services works for your healthcare IT department, helping to improve your functionality and keep your long-term care residents' data safe. We accomplish these goals by providing several IT support services, including:

  • Dedicated Support: Prelude serves your organization 24x7 with a dedicated service desk and healthcare IT consulting services, so we can help your organization stay on top of your software and security issues.
  • Outsourced Services: Prelude can serve as your organization's IT department, concentrating our efforts on your organization, developing software and security plans to keep your data safe.
  • Cloud Security: Our cloud-based healthcare IT software solution allows for greater connectivity, data storage, networking, scaling and security for your data, providing secure and reliable data management and hosting.
  • Hardware and Software Support: Our dedicated technicians will help you select, install and support new devices and systems to complement your system and workflow, improving your ability to serve your patients.
  • Network Management: Prelude’s network management service offers technical resources and tools to manage and monitor your business' network, supporting your business' essential processes and monitoring for vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise Reporting: Streamline and simplify reporting for HIPAA and other regulatory entities and get a better overview of your healthcare business so you can develop comprehensive and strategic plans.

In addition to our other services, we focus on the security of your data and IT systems. Prelude is audited against the SSAE 18 SOC 2 standards, which confirms appropriate security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality are in place.

Our Story

Prelude Services was founded on the idea that IT software for healthcare organizations should be accessible and secure to protect the most vulnerable patients. Our owners, who themselves are senior living providers, recognized the need in the market for an industry resource that could assist them and other senior living providers in navigating healthcare IT solutions and protecting their information in the age of HIPAA.

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We have worked in partnership with Presbyterian Senior Living and Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries to create a company whose mission would be to provide innovative, secure information technologies to senior living and care organizations. With that, Prelude Services came to be.

Today, Prelude Services supports over 700 senior living, long-term care, affordable housing and community service locations in over 40 states by providing secure IT software for senior living.  We continue to work toward our goal of providing valuable technology to our clients, helping them enhance their data security and quality of service. Our clients depend on us as a trusted and proven partner to manage all of their information technology needs, and we can do the same for your organization.

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Our Team

Terry Freed portrait
Terry Freed Chief Executive Officer

Terry Freed, President and CEO, has over 30 years of experience leading IT operations with a focus on managed services and technology strategy. With his team of high-performing IT professionals, he is focused on delivering innovative solutions with exceptional value to clients.

“Our services help clients control their IT costs, reduce risk, and improve alignment of IT with business strategy.”
Pam Deluca portrait
Pam Deluca Chief Financial Officer

Pam DeLuca, Chief Financial Officer, has significant experience in accounting and finance in various industries, including healthcare. She is currently responsible for all financial operations of the company, including reporting, analysis and forecasting, as well as internal controls and process improvement.

“Greater efficiency will allow a higher level of service to our clients.”
Jason Lato portrait
Jason Lato Chief Operating Officer

Jason Lato, Cheif Operating Officer, has over 25 years of IT experience focused on building client relationships and leading enterprise projects across various industries, including healthcare. He is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships built on trust and collaboration, enabling Prelude's clients to fully leverage our skilled and devoted technical team.

“I enjoy making sure each client’s interaction results in a positive experience. I’m always looking for opportunities to build a strong partnership and exceed our clients' expectations.”
Amber Bernot portrait
Amber Bernot Director of Human Resources

Amber Bernot, Director of Human Resources, brings extensive industry and management experience. She is responsible for supporting all of our HR needs and finding enthusiastic, talented, client-focused personnel to be part of the Prelude team.

“We hire team players who are not only interested in advancing their careers, but motivated to do their best work in supporting our clients.”
Jan Parker portrait
Jan Parker Director of Corporate Services

Jan Parker, Director of Corporate Services, is responsible for providing oversight to the corporate office operation, managing contracts, vendor relationships, and supervising the purchasing support/asset management function for hardware and software. Jan has a background in management and has provided leadership for the Service Desk and Training.

“I enjoy working for a growing company that provides services to benefit older adults.”
Matt Sprenger portrait
Matt Sprenger Director of Data Center Operations

Matt Sprenger, Director of Data Center Operations, has spent his professional career working on IT for both the healthcare industry and the federal government. At Prelude, he's served in several capacities: Senior Desktop Technician, Network Administrator, Team Manager, and Security Officer.

“If you're still breathing, you can keep going. I always put forth the extra effort to reach personal goals as well as customer expectations and satisfaction.”
Bryan McCrea portrait
Bryan McCrea Director of Software Development

Bryan McCrea, Director of Software Development, has extensive experience in building software applications and solutions. Bryan has provided clients with many custom solutions including web applications, data integration, data warehouses, and reporting.

“I truly enjoy the creative and innovative process of providing solutions that help our clients.”
Brian Alexander portrait
Brian Alexander Director of Desktop
Support Services

Brian Alexander, Director of Desktop Support Services, has over 20 years of IT experience, with the majority of it focused in healthcare IT. He is responsible for the deployment and support of desktop and mobile device hardware, software, peripherals, and operating systems for Prelude and our clients.

“The equipment you use every day must be reliable in order for your business to be successful. We make sure your devices are ready to work when you are.”
David Mangold portrait
David Mangold Business Development

David Mangold, Business Development Manager, has an extensive background in IT-centric marketing & sales. He is known for focusing on a consultative approach, learning the needs and goals of an organization that align with Prelude’s strengths and core competencies. He is responsible for developing new opportunities based on Prelude's proven success with IT services in the Healthcare sector.

“New clients are not sales—they are strategic partners with whom we grow. Their critical IT systems are entrusted to us to protect by identifying, anticipating, managing and solving issues.”
Tim Hambright portrait
Tim Hambright Director of Networking
& Communications

Tim Hambright, Director of Networking & Communications, has been with Prelude for over 23 years and has been a key architect of our infrastructure and network operations. He is responsible for the implementation and support of networking hardware, wireless solutions, and voice systems.

“You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it.”

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