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24x7 Service Desk

24x7 Service Desk

When your healthcare facility is experiencing IT problems, you can’t wait days or even hours to have them resolved. For your facility to continue operations, your staff needs access to administrative files, and your healthcare professionals need access to patient data. Moreover, all patient data needs to remain protected under HIPAA regulations. So when any IT issues occur, you need resolutions, and you need them quickly.

Fortunately, Prelude’s 24x7 Service Desk provides trustworthy, top-quality 24/7 IT support you can count on to get your IT system up and running again as soon as possible — even after business hours!



Prelude’s 24x7 Service Desk: Your Trusted Source for Comprehensive IT Support

When it comes to technology support for healthcare organizations, Prelude’s Service Desk is the first point of contact for problem resolution, emphasizing customer service as well as technical expertise. Our dedicated employees are engaged, patient and ready to provide round-the-clock support, 365 days a year. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST, except on national holidays. To ensure you always get the IT support you need, we also have after-hours support for urgent and mission-critical issues.

Instead of having to wait in line for a busy service provider to handle your call or send over an IT technician, with Prelude’s 24x7 Service Desk, all your IT problems can be solved quickly and efficiently. This minimizes downtime, allowing your staff and healthcare professionals to continue their work and you to focus on your own business instead of the burden of IT troubleshooting.

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No Issue Is Too Complex for the 24x7 Service Desk

Thanks to the expertise of our customer support technicians, the majority of all service requests can be resolved on the first call. When a request is more complicated, the Service Desk gathers all pertinent information and forwards it to the appropriate Prelude support groups. Using this data, our highly specialized and experienced technicians analyze the issue to determine what the problem is and how to solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.



If a problem is due to a vendor issue, we work directly with the vendor until the issue is resolved and your IT system is functioning smoothly and securely again.

24/7 IT Technology Support for Emergency Situations



Unfortunately, IT emergencies can occur due to a wide range of causes. Hardware can malfunction, software might not be configured correctly and files can be corrupt. Of course, there’s also the ever-present threat of cyber attacks. In fact, healthcare institutions are among the most targeted organizations due to the vast amounts of sensitive data they store.

Prelude’s 24x7 Service Desk provides emergency assistance for all of these situations — and more. In most cases, our employees can remotely access devices connected to our network for expedient resolution. That means they can troubleshoot the issue, no matter where your facility is located. If remote troubleshooting isn’t an option and you’re located in Pennsylvania, we can dispatch a local field resource to resolve situations requiring on-site technology support services in PA.

A Top-Notch 24x7 IT Support Experience

We appreciate how crucial it is for you to have the best possible IT support experience. That’s why, to ensure complete security, all our technology support is HIPAA compliant. It’s also why we’re available 24x7 and continuously working to improve our services through client satisfaction surveys, service level scorecards and other forms of feedback.

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  • Support Monday–Friday, 7:30am–9:00pm EST (except national holidays)
  • After business hours support 24x7 for mission-critical and urgent issues
  • Fast and convenient access by email, phone or a self-service portal
  • Automated systems to manage and track how well we answer your calls
  • Remote access to your device to troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Provides a monthly scorecard detailing our surveys to monitor service level standards and client satisfaction

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