LTPAC Providers Using Health IT Today

Long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers are essential to our aging populations, helping prevent the rehospitalization of Medicare recipients and provide responsive care for aging patients. These health care providers, however, are most effective when working with health care information technology. To understand the importance of health information technology for LTPAC providers, we’ve outlined some of the most important things LTPAC providers get from health IT.

  • Enhanced Communication: By making use of health IT, acute home health care providers can quickly and easily send and receive messages and attachments, access patient documents and communicate with other specialists in their network, all while remaining compliant with HIPAA. With HIPAA-compliant instant communication channels, LTPAC providers get greater access more immediately, and with this information, they can facilitate smoother transitions of care, get more information about patients and make more informed decisions on care
  • Improved Transition: Health information technology makes it easier for LTPAC providers to transition patients to and from their care. With electronic records, patient data can be communicated to them and by them on a near instantaneous basis, facilitating more seamless care transitions and better patient experiences. Additionally, health information technology can help ensure patient care documents are completed properly in a digital format, so documents are never lost and the information is accurate and complete. This minimizes unnecessary or duplicative testing, reducing inconvenience and discomfort to the patient.
  • Patient Involvement: Health information technology makes it easier for long-term care providers like LTPACs to communicate with patients and involve patients and their families in patient care. LTPACs can use health care IT to track interactions with the patient, making important notes that are visible in a single location to reference during patient visits or calls. Additionally, they can communicate directly with patients and their families, sending secure messages to set up appointments. Through integration with a personal health record system, LTPACs can show patients aggregate diagnoses and treatment plans and have them update certain records at specific intervals.

The most powerful benefit of health IT to LTPAC providers is the continuity of support it provides. Faster communication of IT information from a long-term care facility to acute health care services makes it easier to provide accurate, caring support, improving patient outcomes significantly.

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