IT Services for Post-Acute Care

IT Services for Post-Acute Care

When caring for older adults, post-acute care is a reality. More than 40% of Medicare beneficiaries are discharged to post-acute facilities — an essential step in their recovery. The post-acute care programs’ efficacy dictates patient health outcomes in many ways, so IT services and post-acute care go hand in hand.

Access to current information and the most effective IT tools can improve patient care and streamline information sharing. Focusing on improving care transitions can help ensure older adults receive the post-acute care they need. With the proper care, they can take positive steps in their recovery. IT services for post-acute care facilities are a critical consideration.

Types of IT Services for Post-Acute Facilities

For patients to achieve the best possible health outcomes, post-acute care facilities must have the capabilities to coordinate and manage high-quality healthcare specific to each individual. Much of this care depends on the reliable transition of information, internally and externally.

Access to critical health information allows post-acute care facilities to provide better quality care to patients, whether identifying patients at risk of injury or having access to indicators of their recovery timeline to make further adjustments. Caregivers can provide preventive care and stay current with patient needs.

Types of IT Services that can augment post-acute care include the following:

Network Management for Post-Acute Care

Most businesses use computer networks, and monitoring and managing them is essential to maintain optimal performance and care for patients. Upgrading your IT systems is vital for data safety and backup in the event of a critical failure. Your post-acute care facility will still have access to valuable patient data so you can continue to provide high-quality care.

Management tools can keep your facility providing optimal patient care by outlining upgrade requirements. The accompanying design tool tailors your network infrastructure to your facility’s needs, ensuring you can expand your networks and perform as needed to meet your specific requirements.

Security is necessary for any business that holds data. Network management tools identify malicious software entering your network and resolve the problem before you experience data theft or damage.

Cloud Computing for Post-Acute Care

Managing, processing, storing and communicating patient data is crucial in a post-acute care environment. When caregivers can access up-to-date patient data from web-based applications, they have flexibility and confidence in their work, knowing they can tailor their approach to specific patients. Storing your data in the cloud can help you achieve this.

Anyone with authorization can access patient data with this simple cloud solution as long as you have an internet connection. It’s easy to expand and upgrade and saves you money and space on physical infrastructure.

Service Desk for Post-Acute Care

A 24/7 service desk may be the answer, as you can contact professionals whenever an issue might affect your ability to provide patient care.

Your IT systems must work for you to provide quality post-acute patient care. A 24/7 service desk may be the answer, as you can contact professionals whenever an issue might affect your ability to provide patient care. There is no need to compromise what you do best with expensive downtime.

Hardware and Software Support for Post-Acute Care

Both hardware and software are necessary to keep your IT systems performing well. Choosing the right equipment and hosting your applications can be daunting without an IT service that provides hardware and software support. IT services can help your team stay productive and focused on providing the best care for your patients.

Why Post-Acute Facilities Should Outsource IT Services

Providing superior patient care is a top priority for post-acute facilities. There can be a disconnect when patients are transferred, compromising their care, as you lose access to vital information about their treatment. Outsourcing specialist IT services can bridge that gap and provide your facility with access to information, data protection and faster processes.

Some of the many benefits of outsourcing IT services for post-acute facilities include the following:

  • Elevated patient care: Providing quality patient care is the primary goal of any healthcare facility. IT services and patient care are linked, and patient care improves when healthcare facilities can access their data immediately. This is especially important with post-acute facilities, where caregivers exchange data from one facility to another. Outsourcing IT services streamlines this process so caregivers can focus on patients.
  • Enhanced scalability: Outsourcing IT gives you more flexibility for growth and change, as these professionals provide full scalability for your business. Instead of investing in static IT solutions, you can update your services as your needs shift. If you need to expand, for example, your IT partner already has the infrastructure to streamline the process.
  • Efficient billing: Healthcare professionals rarely have time to focus on complex coding and billing procedures. Outsourcing medical billing can decrease billing errors, provide accurate medical insurance claims and reduce the risk of denied claims.
  • Improved cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is crucial for businesses. If you handle patients’ data, it needs to be protected. Outsourced IT services provide that protection with innovative security solutions.
  • Increased productivity: Removing the focus on IT challenges allows your staff to focus on their core competencies and give acute-care patients the full attention they deserve. They also have access to the data they need in real time, and with the information at their fingertips, they can make informed decisions about patient care without delays.
  • Decreased costs: Partnering with a professional IT service means saving on the high costs of an in-house IT team. Outsourced IT services also have up-to-date equipment and resources at your disposal. IT service providers can work within your budget to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Advanced compliance: The healthcare industry is bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rule concerning data protection. Meeting these requirements can be challenging, but outsourced IT services have vast experience in data security compliance.
  • Streamlined operations: IT challenges can be disruptive, especially for patient care. Outsourced IT teams can help prevent downtime and elevate your customer service — there is less chance of data breaches or inaccessible websites with professionals on your side.
  • Enhanced access: Partnering with an outsourced IT provider gives you access to professionals in their field who can provide you with their specialized skills.
Contact Prelude Services for Post-Acute Care IT Services

Contact Prelude Services for Post-Acute Care IT Services

Post-acute care facilities rely on IT services to provide patients with the highest standard of care. Prelude Services is here to assist you by providing IT services focused on helping healthcare providers navigate the rapidly changing industry landscape. Our innovative technology solutions are the perfect choice for post-acute care providers looking to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

Our vast industry experience can strengthen your cybersecurity, manage your electronic medical records system and networks, and support your hardware and software. Our 24/7 service desk will help you reduce downtime, so you can focus on what you do best — caring for patients. We have a wide range of reliable options tailored to your specific need. Please reach out today to learn more about how Prelude Services can help you.


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