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Prelude Services Pens Articles on Cyber Threats and Payroll Based Journal Reporting
LeadingAge CAST - Tech Times
May 2017
Dennis Stufft, president/CEO of CAST Business Associate Prelude Services, has published two recent articles: one on stopping cyber threats and one on Payroll Based Journal reporting requirements.…
Human Error and PBJ Reporting
April 2017
Human error is inevitable. We all make mistakes, and when it comes to Payroll Based Journal, receiving a rejected file and error report is inevitable…
One Little Click Is All It Takes
Provider Long Term & Post-Acute Care
February 2017
It’s just an innocent, blue, highlighted, underlined sentence in an email asking you to click. What’s the harm in just one little click? That little, half-second click is it all it takes…
Mobile Devices And HIPAA: Why Built-In Security Features Are Not Enough
Provider Long Term & Post-Acute Care
November 2016
Without a doubt, long term/post-acute care (LT/PAC) is going mobile. Smartphones and tablets are quickly replacing clipboards, charts, and PCs as practitioners take advantage of improvements in…
Successful Artists-in-Residence Program Expands
Life Enriching Communities
November 2016
Twin Towers is excited to announce that two more students have joined the Artists-in-Residence Program this fall. Artists-in-Residence began last year as a parternship with University of…
Stepping Up Security for an Internet-of-Things World
The New York Times
October 16 2016
The vision of the so-called internet of things — giving all sorts of physical things a digital makeover — has been years ahead of reality. But that gap is closing…
Why preparation is key to securing your cloud migration
October 11, 2016
The benefits of big data are real. And with so many businesses looking to migrate their data to the cloud, they want to make sure everything arrives safely and intact…
Guidance on HIPAA and Cloud Computing Issued by HHS
HIPAA Journal
October 10, 2016
The Department of Health and Human Services has released updated guidance on HIPAA and cloud computing to help covered entities take advantage of the cloud without risking a HIPAA violation…