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Prelude Services was established in response to an industry need for IT services related specifically to the long term care and senior living markets. The sheer advancement of technologies, coupled with the ever increasing regulations of HIPAA has put tremendous stress on an already understaffed and often underfunded healthcare industry. Our owners, who are senior living providers, saw a tremendous market need for an industry resource that could assist other senior living providers in navigating the turbulent waters of Healthcare IT.

Created in partnership with Presbyterian Senior Living and Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, Prelude Services’ mission is to provide innovative, secure IT solutions.

Prelude currently supports over 700 senior living, affordable housing and community service locations in over 40 states. Our clients depend on us as a trusted partner to manage all of their information technology needs. Our goal is to provide value-driven technology to enhance your organization’s delivery of services.

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Our Team

Dennis Stufft portrait
Dennis Stufft President and CEO

Dennis Stufft, President and CEO, was approached to join Prelude Services in its first year - 1998. With a background ranging from consulting for healthcare and accounting firms to managing IT for a national financial services company, he came well prepared for his current position.

“Starting Prelude was an opportunity of a lifetime where I could apply my professional experience to build a services-oriented company focused on partnerships with our clients who are focused on their mission to serve their clients.”
Jesse Weaver portrait
Jesse Weaver Chief Technology Officer

Jesse Weaver, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the direction and management of all technology services including systems & network engineering, desktop & mobile device management, and data & telecom services for all data centers. Jesse brings over 15 years of professional IT experience from IT Managed Service Providers and Big 4 IT Consulting to ensure our services are being appropriately applied to support our clients and the company.

“Technology should help our clients to support their mission of providing care. I look to continually ensure our services align with that objective and meet and exceed customer expectations.”
Scott Mangol portrait
Scott Mangol Chief Operating Officer

Scott Mangol serves as Prelude’s Chief Operating Officer, providing leadership and management for client services, account management, project management, software development, service desk and training. Scott brings over 30 years of experience in IT management, strategic planning, project management and software management.

“My passion is to make the complex…simple. By focusing on the simple elements of anything (work, relationships, chores, exercise etc.), we are able to be mindful of what is really important and fully enjoy what we are doing.”
Pam Deluca portrait
Pam Deluca Chief Financial Officer

Pam DeLuca, Chief Financial Officer, has significant experience in accounting and finance in various industries, including healthcare. She is currently responsible for all financial operations of the company, including reporting, analysis and forecasting, as well as internal controls and process improvement.

“Greater efficiency will allow a higher level of service to our clients.”
Jason Stevens portrait
Jason Stevens Director of Business Development

Jason Stevens, Director of Business Development, is responsible for Prelude’s sales and marketing efforts. He has over 20 years of experience in healthcare within the post-acute and senior housing space. Jason’s background in strategic business development helps our healthcare partners to improve the lives of those who have entrusted them with their care.

“People buy from who they trust and like. It’s important to surround yourself with those you believe in, and genuinely enjoy being around.”
Amber Bernot portrait
Amber Bernot Director of Human Resources

Amber Bernot, Director of Human Resources, brings extensive industry and management experience. She is responsible for supporting all of our HR needs and finding enthusiastic, talented, client-focused personnel to be part of the Prelude team.

“We hire team players who are not only interested in advancing their careers, but motivated to do their best work in supporting our clients.”
Jan Parker portrait
Jan Parker Director of Corporate Services

Jan Parker, Director of Corporate Services, is responsible for providing oversight to the corporate office operation, managing contracts, vendor relationships, and supervising the purchasing support/asset management function for hardware and software. Jan has a background in management and has provided leadership for the Service Desk and Training.

“I enjoy working for a growing company that provides services to benefit older adults.”
Toby Ring portrait
Toby Ring Director of Client Relations

Toby Ring, Director of Client Relations, is responsible for developing strong client relationships built on trust and collaboration that enable the organization to fully leverage Prelude's skilled, dedicated technical team. With years of experience in healthcare technology, Toby's skill set includes strategic planning, IT service delivery, project management, and change management.

“I enjoy big picture thinking leading to specific technology initiatives that support providing professional and compassionate care to Seniors.”
Matt Sprenger portrait
Matt Sprenger Director of Information Technology

Matt Sprenger, Director of Information Technology, has spent his professional career working on IT for both the healthcare industry and the federal government. At Prelude, he's served in several capacities: Senior Desktop Technician, Network Administrator, Team Manager, and Security Officer.

“If you're still breathing, you can keep going. I always put forth the extra effort to reach personal goals as well as customer expectations and satisfaction.”
Bryan McCrea portrait
Bryan McCrea Director of Software Development

Bryan McCrea, Director of Software Development, has extensive experience in building software applications and solutions. Bryan has provided clients with many custom solutions including web applications, data integration, data warehouses, and reporting.

“I truly enjoy the creative and innovative process of providing solutions that help our clients.”

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